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x ray collimator are divided into manual type and electric type, the purpose is the same

(Manual x ray collimator)

Regarding the X-ray collimator device, we have already explained a lot about the X-ray collimator device. I believe everyone knows it. Then we will mainly explain the use and use of the X-ray collimator device. Use it, I hope my sharing can help everyone,
The use and function of X-ray collimator device:
Mainly used for surgery, high efficiency
From the ergonomics point of view, it can save manpower and make the operation more convenient, so that the operator does not need to be distracted
bucky stand:-Aiming, maintaining and straightening.
The projected light is a fan-shaped light, which can be understood as a cross section, and the width of the slit depends on the detector
Also known as analog (radiotherapy) positioning machine: it has precise marking, perspective positioning, left and right coordinate scales, there is a cross, and there are scales on the cross. Surgery, etc. require the wiring harness to be precise.
Manual and electric integrated collimator light:
1. Use the key to switch functions.
2. X-ray automatic collimator device: controlled by the machine, automatically controlled, so it must be electric, the machine has a program, set the value, without manual intervention.
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