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What is the meaning of the scale value on the x ray collimator?
In this article, we will focus on some technical parameters of thex ray collimator
x ray collimator focus screen distance: the distance from focus to screen or cassette
x ray collimator Focal skin distance: the distance from focus to skin
Three rings of x ray collimator:
1.1m: the distance between the focus of the tube and the photographic plane of the cassette (for gastrointestinal use)
1.5m: minimum distance for chest radiography
1.8m: release the ball tube (generally 45 °, 35 ° and less than 60 °), and hit the ball tube outward (e.g. on the chest X-ray frame)
For chest X-ray, the minimum is 1.5 meters, with 1.8 meters as the standard.
1.1m-70cm remote control, gastrointestinal, bed moving
Centimeter and inch are marked, which are corresponding to the size of the film and the effective range of rays.
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Introduction to the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator


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