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Where is the advantage of NewheekX-ray Collimator?

The X-ray Collimator can adjust the dose of radiation according to the location of examination and different from the population. The X-ray Collimator emits an analog light source, which is projected to the site where the patient needs to be detected, and reduces the projection dose to the patient, thus minimizing the radiation risk.
More concentrated light can make fewer X-rays projected on the detector, thus improving the image quality.

collimated light

Newheek mainly has 3 models X-ray Collimator:
NK102 for 125kv X-ray Tube, and mobile x ray machine and vertical x ray machine;
NK103 for 125kv X-ray Tube, and portable x ray machine;
NK202 for 150kv X-ray Tube, and vertical x ray machine.
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