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What’s the X ray collimator?

What is X ray collimator?
The X ray collimator is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the output window of the X ray tube. Its main function is to control the illumination field of the X-ray tube output line, so as to meet the requirements of X-ray imaging and diagnosis. Reduce the projection range, avoid unnecessary doses; and absorb some scattered rays to improve the clarity of the impact.
X ray collimator for X ray tubes up to 150KV X ray collimator is used to restrict X rays Application of X ray Collimator
In addition, the X ray collimator can also indicate the size of the projection center and projected field of view. Therefore, the X ray collimator is an indispensable auxiliary device for X shooting and protection.

In the positioning of the sleeve, the X ray collimator is equipped with a special connecting piece and a flange fixing and fitting flange of the sleeve window, and can be rotated within a certain range, required by the x ray collimator during installation. The focus position coincides with the focus position of the actual X ray tube assembly.

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