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What’s the role of X-ray collimator?

Collimator, also known as “shield”, “dimmer” or “beam illuminator”, is mounted in an X-ray sleeve window to mask unwanted primary X-rays during X-ray inspection. He can limit the X-ray field to the minimum required range, minimizing the amount of X-ray exposure the patient receives.

The main functions of the beam limiter can be summarized as follows:

a. Limiting the exposure field is the measurement of the patient and the operator as little as possible.

b. Reduce the area where secondary rays are generated, improve the clarity of the perspective and the film

c. Block leaks as much as possible

Briefly introduce Newheek x ray collimator NK102:

Application: it can be used on normal radiography x-ray machine

Technical Parameters

Max Irradation Field: 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)

Light Field Average Luminance: >160lux

Lumination Ratio: >3:1

Lamp: 24V/100W

Lamp Single Lighting Time: 30S

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How should we choose the x ray collimator to be correct


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