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What should I do if the influence deviation of the DRX optical beam device occurs?

With the continuous development of X-ray equipment, DRX optical machines are widely used in clinical practice. The traditional X-ray machine or CRX light machine is a beam limiter directly irradiating the traditional film box or imaging plate with an intensifying screen. The film box or IP plate can be placed directly under the patient’s body, and the operator can find out by visual inspection. Including the diseased part, the DRX light machine directly projects to the flat panel detector. Generally, the flat panel detector is larger than 23 × 23 inches, and the X-ray irradiation field is determined by the selected projection site, so the X-ray irradiation field, X-ray light field and flat panel If the detector has deviation, it will cause deviation of the X-ray signal received by the flat panel detector, which will affect the image quality.
Check the horizontal and vertical position of the column, if it is not flat, adjust the fixing screw at the top of the column to correct it. Check the installation accuracy of the X-ray tube beam limiter. Check the balance weights on both ends of the U-arm at all times. If necessary, the X-ray tube beam limiter assembly inspection detector should be reinstalled, first in the horizontal position and then in the vertical position. The position of the detector can be moved up and down by adjusting the screws on the side of the detector assembly. Rotate the U-arm to the vertical position and turn on the beam limiter field light so that the center of the light range points to the central anchor point on the upper surface of the detector. And the projection coordinate lines of the light in the horizontal and vertical directions should be consistent with the area range indicator on the upper surface of the detector. Adjust the alignment and safety screws at the four corners of the beam limiter to match.
Place the X-ray beam alignment inspection tool on the beam limiter inspection tool and observe the X-ray beam alignment inspection carefully. Tools are projected on it at the same scale. Check the acquired image and adjust the upper spherical marker to the center. The center of the X-ray irradiation field and the image receiving assembly is adjusted, the acquired image is displayed, and the deviation of the X-ray irradiation field and the center of the flat panel detector is checked.

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