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What lights are in the collimate?

Collimate is a device to restrict and restrict X-ray. The radiation from X-ray is very harmful to human body. So once the operation is wrong or not checked in the relevant parts of patients, it will undoubtedly cause waste of resources and unnecessary radiation damage to human body. Therefore, in order to simulate and locate the X-ray emission, the button calibration can be adjusted according to the projected visible light field, and the X-ray field data can be preset to reduce the radiation and waste of resources. At first, halogen lamps were installed in the collimate. With the development of science and technology, shadowless LED lamps have replaced halogen lamps to simulate positioning.
Newheek’s three collimate NK102/NK103 and NK202 lights are LED lights. There is a black wire on the collimate which provides power for the LED lamp in the collimate.


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