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What is the working principle of the manual x ray collimator?

The manual x ray collimator is a beam limiter that is manually adjusted. The operation of the manual x ray collimator is simple and convenient.
The opening and closing process of the occlusion lead leaf of the manual x ray collimator is realized by manually adjusting the knob on the limiter.
What are the characteristics of a manual x ray collimator that can be used for double columns
The manual x ray collimator uses the focus of the indicator bulb to simulate the X-ray tube, replaces the X-ray with visible light, and illuminates the bed surface through the reflection of the mirror in the beam limiter. The optical path after the visible light path and the X-ray penetrating the mirror is Consistent, so it can indicate the size of the field in advance. Since the life of the indicator light is relatively short, the illumination of the indicator light is controlled by a button to turn on the light. The mirrors are typically made of silver-plated plastic with an aluminum equivalent of about 0.5 mm and do not affect X-ray imaging. There is also a clean, transparent plastic plate in front of the x ray collimator with black lines or black dots on the plate to indicate the center of the collimator.
Analysis of the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator
The x ray collimator is marked with the corresponding focal length of the illumination field around the knob, which is mainly used for presetting the illumination field before the illumination of the field indicator light, so that the illumination field can be adjusted quickly after the indicator light is turned on. The size of the indicator extends the life of the indicator.