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What is the role of x ray collimator?

The best X-ray Beam Collimators are necessary to reduce radiation exposure and obtain the best image. Newheek Beam Collimators ensure fast alignment every time. Our Beam Collimators are reliable and easy to use.

Collimated beam application
Newheek Beam Collimators are designed to integrate with radiographic and fluoroscopy systems. The Newheek X-ray Collimator can be equipped with a long-life LED light source to minimize any maintenance as there is no need to adjust the field light or mirror over time.

This is a manually operated Beam Collimators with large knobs for direct and precise adjustment of the light field. The LED can be turned on via the front button. The laser line shows the center of the beam to properly position the detector. The beam Collimators is available with or without a filter wheel for additional filtration.

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