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What is the meaning of radiology collimator sid

Recently, a customer asked what does the sid mean for the radiology department collimator? Anyone in the X-ray machine industry will know what sid means. Simply put, it is the distance between the radioactive source and the image receiver (SID), referred to as the focal screen distance, which means the distance from the focus to the screen.
Let me give you an example. The sid of the sickle arm X-ray machine refers to the distance from the center of the collimator to the center of the flat panel detector. The sid stroke of the sickle arm X-ray machine is 1000mm~1800mm.
Seeing here, everyone has a clear understanding of what the collimator sid means. If you have any other questions, please call us. If you are also interested in radiology imaging receivers, radioactive sources, collimators and other x-ray machine parts, welcome friends at home and abroad to inquire and discuss cooperation matters



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