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What are the x ray collimator for 150kv x ray tube?

X-ray collimator is an important part of the X-ray machine.The main purpose of X-ray collimator is to block the scattering of x-rays, reduce the harm of x-rays to the patient and improve the imaging quality.

Newheek has 150kv x ray tube collimator and 150kv x ray tube collimator is suitable for fixed X optical machine.

The 150kv x ray tube collimator is a large-scale x ray collimator. The volume and weight of the beam limiter is large, and its performance is also higher than other x ray collimator. The 150kv x ray tube collimator is mainly used for fixed X-ray machine, and is not suitable for moving and carrying.

Newheek’s 150kv x ray tube collimator is NK202, with a WLH mm of 185x198x145 and a weight of 6.8kg (excluding cables).

This NK202 150kv x ray tube collimator is a manual 150kv x ray tube collimator. The lead blade of the 150kv x ray tube collimator can be completely closed. The lenses in the bundle limiter are neat and smooth. It fully meets the standard of high quality bundle limiter.

Newheek specializes in manufacturing X-ray machines and spare parts. If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please contact us.

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