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What are the parameters of the X-ray collimator?

X-ray collimator is a device used to limit the diffusion and scattering range of X-ray beams to improve the accuracy and image quality of X-ray imaging. It mainly realizes the collimation of the X-ray beam by adjusting different parameters. Here are some common parameters:
Collimation hole diameter: The narrow hole through which the X-ray beam passes, its diameter determines the size of the beam. Usually in millimeters or microns.
Materials: Generally, materials with high absorption capacity, such as lead or tungsten, are used. The choice of material depends on the desired collimation effect and application requirements.
Shape: The product can be in the shape of a flat plate, a cylinder, or various other shapes. The choice of shape depends on the application scenario and the requirements of the X-ray beam.
Location: The collimator can be located between the tube and the object under test, or between the detector and the object under test, to limit the spread of the X-ray beam. The choice of location depends on the specific imaging system and application needs.
Angle: Its angle can be adjusted to suit different imaging needs. The choice of angle can be adjusted according to the specific application to ensure the best collimation effect.
Pitch: Collimators can have different pitches to create a collimating effect on the X-ray beam propagation path. The choice of spacing depends on the desired collimation effect and application requirements.
Please note that the parameters of X-ray collimators will vary according to specific application requirements and different imaging systems. When selecting and using a collimator, these parameters need to be considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure optimal imaging.
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