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Weight of the x-ray beam optic

There are many people who are interested in the weight of X-ray beamers. There are many types of X-ray beamers in our company. The weight of each beamer is different. We have manual beamers and electric beamers. kind.
Our NK-103X line beam optical device is the lightest, its weight is 2.6 kg, mainly used for portable X-ray machine and pet X-ray machine.
NK-102X beam light weight is 5.5 kg, mainly used for mobile X-ray machine, fixed X-ray machine.
NK-202 X-ray beam light weight is 6-8 kg, NK-202 electric medical X-ray beam limiter is suitable for tube voltage 150kV, vehicle, DR digital and ordinary X-ray diagnostic equipment, X-ray irradiation field is rectangular. This product complies with the relevant national and industry standards, and has the characteristics of small size, high reliability and high cost performance.
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