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US customer inquiries beamer

Some American customers saw our product beamer through our company’s English website and were very interested. They came to consult the beamer, and sent the product information and product pictures to the customer. The customer replied that he would contact us after looking at the parameters in detail. .

The beamer consulted by the customer is mainly used in fixed X-ray machines, mainly matching 150 KV X-ray tubes. The parameters are as follows,

Maximum working voltage of supporting X-ray tube: 150KV 150KV
Maximum radiation field (SID=65cm): <35cm×35cm
Minimum radiation field (SID=100cm): <5cm×5cm
Power supply: 12~24V AC, DC 1A
Illumination (SID=100cm): >100lx (at this distance, the contrast at the edge of the light field is ≥4) Light source time limit: 35s±5s (30s~60s adjustable)
Lighting source: LED: 10W×3V
Intrinsic filtration (70kv): 1.5mmAL
If you are interested in our beamer, you are welcome to contact us.


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