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The purpose of the lamp holder

Lamp holder is an essential part of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment.
X-ray collimator is mounted just below the X-ray tube’s X-ray emission window to limit the X-ray radiation range and reduce the X-ray radiation to the human body.
In order to achieve this function, lamp holder adopts lead plates of certain thickness to make lead blades to shield X-ray. The lead blades are installed on the mechanical structure of lamp holder, and the lead blades in the X direction and Y direction are moved by manual or motor drive to change the X-ray radiation range.
The purpose of the lamp holder
In order to enable operators of X-ray diagnostic equipment to visually observe the set X-ray radiation range, lamp holder adopts a set of optical system composed of visible light source and reflective lens to project visible light on human body consistent with the X-ray radiation range to simulate the radiation range.
Newheek lamp holder is divided into manual, electric and automatic, which can meet your multiple selection needs.


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