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The normal use method of X-ray collimator

Recently, a customer asked about our company’s X-ray collimator. If you want to know how the X-ray collimator works normally, I will introduce it to you today.
The most important thing to protect the X-ray collimator is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the lead leaf and lens of the X-ray collimator.
The role of the X-ray collimator is to control the size of the X-ray field and the direction of X-ray emission. In this process, the lead leaf and lens in the collimator play a very important role, so the protection of the X-ray collimator must protect these two parts.
The lead leaf is a shielding layer for X-rays. Lead has a blocking effect on X-rays. The closed size of the lead leaf determines the size of the X-ray field. If there is a problem with the lead leaf of the X-ray collimator, the lead leaf cannot be closed tightly. It will leak and radiate things around.
The reflector in the X-ray collimator is mainly used to reflect X-rays. When using an X-ray collimator, please keep the lens clean and do not touch it with your hands. If there is dirt on the lens, it will affect the X-ray emission. It directly affects the quality and dose of X-rays.

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