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The main function of collimator X-ray

As an important part of the X-ray machine, the collimator X-ray system is mainly used to limit the radiation range of the X-ray beam to reduce the radiation to patients, as well as to realize the multi-slice function of the X-ray film with the point film system. It is performance is of great significance to improve the automation level of X-ray machine, realize the digital control of the whole machine and reduce the radiation injury to patients.
One of the medical collimator X-ray shader control method in a timely manner, including the baseplate, shade plate, transmission mechanism, limit mechanism and PCB module.The window of the collimator X-ray can be set with a manual adjustment knob on the outside of the machine.
Newheek manual collimator X-ray is mainly divided into three models: NK102,NK103 and NK202. NK103 is a special collimator X-ray. Collimator X-ray has a built-in halogen lamp or LED light, and you can choose from it.
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