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The Italian distributor is very satisfied with our collimator

The Italian dealer saw our X ray collimator on the website, which met their requirements, and immediately consulted us. We learned that the beamer purchased by the other party is for use with a portable DR, and asked the customer whether it should be repaired and replaced or used in production. The customer said that he is currently developing a portable X-ray machine, and he bought our collimator because he wanted to use it in production. We also asked the other party what type of tube they are currently using, and what is the position of the reserved interface like? The customer said that it is in the research and development stage and there is no specific drawing yet, so first ask us what the interface looks like, and then we can arrange it according to the needs of the collimator. Because the beamers on the market basically have international standard interfaces, there is no need to worry about interface problems. The customer was very satisfied after knowing the details and said that he would order our products.
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