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The function of the collimator

The X-ray collimator is installed in the window of the X-ray tube to shield unnecessary X-rays during inspection. It can limit the X-ray irradiation field to the minimum required range, so that the patient’s dose of X-ray irradiation can be minimized. X-rays are emitted from the focal point of the tube and radiate to the surroundings. The x-rays used in the test are just one beam in one direction, coming out of the tube. This beam of X-rays takes into account the maximum range required for actual use. Because the window cannot be overly restricted, a collimator is added outside the window for control. The collimator is to use the lead plate with adjustable gap to cover the unnecessary original emission line emitted from the window, so as to control the size of the beam and change the actual X-ray irradiation field.
The main functions of the collimator are summarized as follows:
1. Limit the irradiation field so that the patient and operator receive as little dose as possible
2. Reduce the area that produces secondary rays, and improve the clarity of perspective and radiographs.
3. Block the leakage rays as much as possible.
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