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The difference between manual collimator and electric collimator

According to the driving mode of the opening and closing of the guide vane of the collimator, it can be divided into the following types.
1. Manual collimator is mainly used for photography. The opening and closing of the shielded lead leaf can be realized by manually adjusting the knob or the pull rod. In addition to the above internal structure, an irradiation field indicator system is also provided. The manual collimator uses an indicator bulb to simulate the focus of the tube x-ray, uses visible light to simulate the preset x-ray, and shoots it toward the bed surface through the reflection of the mirror. The reflected visible light path is consistent with the path of the x-ray after passing through the lens, and the size of the irradiation field can be predicted in advance. The manual collimator has a short service life due to the indicator light. The brightness of the indicator light is controlled by a button switch, which can be automatically turned off within 15s ~ 1min.
2. Electric collimator is a commonly used equipment in fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control and is an important part of remote control of fluoroscopy X-ray machine. The opening and closing of the guide vanes of the electric collimator is usually driven by a micro DC motor. By controlling the forward rotation, reverse rotation and working time of the DC motor, the irradiation field can be adjusted to the required size. The electric collimator can be adjusted either on the collimator or on the operating table beside the bed. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter also has a variety of fixed-size irradiation field selection buttons. As long as these buttons are pressed, the motor will drive the guide vane to move to the selected area and fix it to meet specific photographic requirements.
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Introduction to the overall structure of the manual x ray collimator


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