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The customer purchased a collimator for the digital X-ray machine

Recently, I received a consultation from a client about our collimator. The client is a clinic and wants to buy our products with his own X-ray machine. The collimating film is used to limit X-ray and can be used in various X-ray machines. The digital X-ray machine is compact and beautiful in shape, with the operation panel touching, flexible and easy to operate. It adopts high frequency inverter technology, which has good radiation quality, low skin dose, stable and reliable, and good image clarity and contrast.


Moreover, the size of the film distance can be adjusted freely by using the symmetrical adjustable collimating film. The light source location and the ruler distance measurement are convenient and accurate. The position is convenient, accurate and safe. Make the whole film flexible and convenient.


If you also want to use collimators to improve image clarity, please contact us

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