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The customer consults the connection method of the collimator X ray

Recently, a customer inquired about the connection method of our collimator X ray, saying that their newly bought collimator X ray before, but after reading the manual, he did not understand very well. He asked us if we can provide technical guidance, I replied to the customer that it is possible. After the customer has successfully installed the video guide, let’s take a look at how to install the xcollimator X ray.
The interface of the collimator X ray is connected with the tube:
1) Chuck type: the screw is twisted out to just jam the chassis of the connecting tube
2) Screw-in type: There is another groove around the disk, the screw is rotated out and directly on the groove, if the screw is loose, the tube can be rotated.
Pure electric collimator X ray:
1, 2 motors: divided into left and right, up and down, small C for use, human is a cylinder, the cross section is square, but animals and some operations are round, so the design is suspended leaf type.
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