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The collimator of Weifang newheek company

X-ray collimator Large irradiation field 440mmx440mm X-ray collimator NK102? Time
In this article, we mainly learn about the X-ray collimator NK102. First, let’s take a look at the X-ray collimator NK102.
X-ray collimator applicable maximum voltage: 125KV
X-ray collimator Large irradiation field: 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)
Average brightness of X-ray collimator light field: >160lux
X-ray collimator illumination: >4:1
X-ray collimator bulb 24V/100W
Single lighting time of X-ray collimator light field lamp: 30S
X-ray collimator focus mounting surface distance (adjustable as needed): 60
X-ray collimator inherent filter (75kV): 1mmAL
X-ray collimator additional filtering (optional): external, optional
X-ray collimator input power supply: AC24V/DC24V
X-ray collimator dimensions (WLH) mm: 223x185x87
X-ray collimator weight (Kg without cable): 5.5
The X-ray collimator is installed at the window position of the X-ray tube sleeve, and is used to control the size of the X-ray irradiation field, block unnecessary X-rays, reduce the irradiation dose of the subject as much as possible, and increase the irradiation range. Image clarity. The photographic hood is also equipped with a light source and a mirror to simulate the position of the focal point of an X-ray tube, indicating the irradiation field and centerline.
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