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The center of the X-ray collimator and the center of the tube need to be on the same line

From the appearance, the X-ray collimator is a very simple accessory, but how to adjust the X-ray collimator?Recently, many customers have consulted the X-ray collimator.

Many people may not be clear, so I will explain to you today:

Calibration adjustment of X-ray radiation field and imaging plane center

In order to effectively select, combine and adjust the X-ray collimator, on the collimator panel, there are sizes corresponding to all X-ray field ranges under various distances from the focus to the image receiver, allowing the operator to pass Adjust the vertical and horizontal knobs to determine the X-ray field range suitable for normal use according to the distance before loading.

Method of measuring the size of X-ray collimator light field.First set a light field size, and then measure the light field size on a plane perpendicular to the reference axis at the specified distance from the focal point to the image receiving surface.

X-ray collimator The collimator uses LED lights as the light source of the light field device. When replacing the LED lamp, remove the collimator LED lamp cover and the heat sink of the LED lamp, then remove the damaged LED lamp from the heat sink, coat the back of the new LED lamp substrate with thermal grease and then reinstall the heat sink. can. When replacing the LED lamp, be careful to pinch the substrate part with your fingers to avoid staining the bulb.

After replacing the LED lamp, it is necessary to see through or take a film to check whether the center of the X-ray collimator is coincident with the center of the X-ray radiation field. If necessary, loosen the lamp holder fixing plate to adjust.

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