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The appearance of the X-ray collimator

X-ray collimators are also called beam beams and speed limiters. Our X-ray collimators have many styles, but they are divided into three categories: electric, manual, and automatic. Our X-ray collimator can be adapted to portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines, and fixed X-ray machines. Our 103 X-ray collimators are relatively light and can be used on portable X-ray machines. The appearance is that the knobs are on two different sides. Our manual X-ray collimator is 202, with lead leaf control on the front, which is more suitable for fixed X-ray machines. There is also a 102 X-ray collimator, which is suitable for mobile X-ray machines and fixed X-ray machines. Its outer door is the knob on the front and two on one side. If you are still not sure about the X-ray collimator, please come to me for your answer.

X-ray collimator


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