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Specification of optical collimator

Optical collimator is installed below the X-ray tube emission window. It can limit the radiation range of X-ray according to the need of diagnosis and reduce the radiation to human body as much as possible.
Newheek x ray collimator is divided into manual type and electric type. Manual optical collimator USES a halogen or LED lamp to ensure light brightness.The exposure time of the protection lamp controlled by the timing circuit is 30 seconds. This will extend the life of the lamp without overheating.
Specification of optical collimator
Maximum applicable voltage of the bulb: 150KVP
Inherent filtration: 1mmAL, external guide rail of additional filtration shell can be inserted: 1mm, 2mm
Distance from the focus of tube ball to the mounting surface: 80mm
The light field ranges from 0X0 to 430mmX430mm at a focal film distance of 1000mm
Average brightness of light field: 140lux light field edge brightness: >4:1.
Newheek optical collimator is available in multiple models to meet your different needs.


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