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Spanish customer inquires about X-ray collimator

A Spanish customer sent us an email to consult about the X-ray collimator. The X-ray collimator that the customer bought before has the phenomenon of flashing lights, to ask if the problem can be solved. Inform customers that after the light beam bulb is lit, the process of converting electrical energy into light energy will generate extremely high temperatures. The filament temperature of the bulb can quickly reach 3000°C, and the surface glass temperature can also reach 500°C. Therefore, the bulb of the X-ray collimator is prone to failure, and improper use will shorten the life of the bulb. It’s best to take a photo of the beam lighter for our reference. If you can replace the light bulb, you can replace the light bulb. If you can’t replace the light bulb, you can only replace the X-ray collimator.
At the same time, inform the customer that if the bulb can be replaced, if the hand touches the glass surface of the bulb when replacing the bulb, the fingerprints (containing dust or oil stains) will burn on the glass surface after the bulb is lit. Uneven expansion will affect the life of the lamp and even cause the bulb to burst. Therefore, prepare a new pair of disposable gloves during operation. If there are no conditions, use the anti-static packaging of the bulb itself, only expose the pins, and complete the installation through the packaging.

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