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Some introduction of Newheek electric x ray collimator

Recently, a Turkish customer was consulting about the x ray collimator. They are used on the small C arm, which is connected to the DAP. The customer saw our electric x ray collimator on the website and felt that it might be more in line with their requirements. I sent him the parameters and quotation, and he said that the interface may not be connected. So I sent him the parameter data of the small C-arm special model. After reading it, the customer made a comparison and said that this model may be more in line with their requirements. He will study with the engineer how to install it. The parameters of this electric x ray collimator are as follows:
Rectangular irradiation field, small size and light weight, suitable for C-arm X-ray dynamic flat panel detector diagnostic equipment.
The structure adopts two sets of single-layer lead blade protection, and the movement of the blade is driven by a stepping motor. The irradiation field can be adjusted continuously.
The electric x ray collimator has three additional filter plates with different aluminum equivalents built-in. The conversion device for the additional filter plates is driven by a stepper motor and automatically selects different aluminum equivalent filter devices.
The control of blade movement and additional filtering selection uses CAN-BUS fieldbus communication protocol.
If you need such a electric x ray collimator, please contact us, we will help you choose the right product for you!

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