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Sichuan customer inquiry xray collimator device

A customer from Sichuan consulted the xray collimator device of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., and asked the customer what kind of experiment this product was mainly used for. The customer said that he was not clear about its specific use, and it was enough to convert X-rays into parallel light, and Send me a word about the need for collimators. Our beamers come in a variety of styles, some are suitable for mobile and portable X-ray machines, pet X-ray machines, etc., and some are suitable for fixed X-ray machines. It is suitable for 125KV and 150KV tubes respectively. The maximum voltage of X-ray tubes is 125KV and 150KV respectively. Most of the lead leaf control modes are manual, and there are also electric models. Usually, there are many beam devices that are suitable for 125KV tubes. , Our xray collimator have been exported to many countries, such as Italy, Germany, Peru, India, etc., and have won unanimous praise from customers. Welcome to consult our xray collimator  products.


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