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Principle of X-Ray Collimator

X-ray belongs to invisible light, so it is impossible to predict whether the opening size of the active lead leaf meets the actual needs,
so we need to install a visible light source in the X-Ray Collimator,imulate the focus position of the X-ray tube with a light bulb (halogen lamp/LED),
and reflect the light to the preilluminated position through the built-in reflector, so as to illuminate the field of visible light. To predict the X-ray radiation field,
so as to adjust the opening degree of lead leaf according to the required radiation field.

The X-Ray Collimator is installed at the window of the X-ray tube and is used to screen out unnecessary primary X-rays in X-ray examination.
The X-ray field is limited to the minimum required range by the X-Ray Collimator, which can minimize the dose received by the patient.

The main functions of the X-Ray Collimator are as follows:
1. Restriction of radiation field is to minimize the dose received by patients and operators as much as possible.
2. Reduce the area of secondary rays and improve the clarity of perspective and photography;
3. Blocking X-ray scattering as far as possible.


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