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Overview of x ray collimator product features

The x ray collimator is a device that limits X-rays. What are the characteristics of the x ray collimator?
The x ray collimator housing is ferrous and the multi-function square view Xray beamer has a stable system.
In order to ensure that the X-rays can be emitted from the x ray collimator, the outer walls are all made of double-lead lead. The beam limiter uses six pairs of blades to control the field of view of the X-rays, which are also lead-lined. Two pairs are at the entrance to the ray, with two pairs in between, and the remaining two are at the ray exit. The knobs on the panel control the blades.
The scale value on the panel x ray collimator allows the user to read the size of the field of view based on this data and use the knob to set it.


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