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Our X-ray collimator is consulted by our repairer

Recently, I received a call from a customer of a service provider that they want to buy an X-ray collimator from us. Our customers are interested in our low-cost manual X-ray collimator, which is mainly used for photography. By manually adjusting the knob or lever on the collimator to realize the opening and closing of the X-ray collimatorcovering the dead leaf.
In addition to the above, the X-ray collimator internal structure is equipped with a lighting area indicator system. It uses the indicator bulb to simulate the focus of the X-ray tube, uses visible light instead of X-ray, and the mirror will reflect to the bed surface after reflection. The light path of visible light is consistent with the floating path of X-ray passing through the mirror, which can indicate the size of the irradiation field in advance.

X-ray collimator


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