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On the imaging quality of x-ray collimator

The x-ray collimator will control the X-ray field and X-ray direction. Lead leaf and lens are important parts of x-ray collimator. The lead leaf is the shielding layer of X-ray, which can act as the radiation shielding layer. The sealing degree of lead leaf determines the size of X-ray beam emitted and the radiation field of X-ray.
Once the lead leaf of the x-ray collimator sold fails or cannot be closed tightly, the X-ray will leak out. And radiate things around. The mirror also plays an important role in the x-ray collimator. It is mainly used to reflect X-ray. If there is dust in the lens, the X-ray emission will be affected, and the quality and dose of X-ray will be directly affected. As a result, the X-ray dose cannot be determined and the quality of diagnosis and treatment is low.

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