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NK202SF X-Ray Collimator

  • Introduction  
    The collimator is an electromechanical optical device installed in the output window of the tube sleeve of the x-ray tube assembly.  
    Its main function is to control the X-ray beam output field of the X-ray tube to satisfy the X-ray imaging diagnosis and make the projection range.  
    Minimize, avoid unnecessary doses, and absorb some scattered light to improve image clarity.
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Product Application

NK202SF is a X-ray collimator with continuously adjustable radiation field.
It is widely used on different x-ray equipment, such as radiography or fluoroscopy x-ray machine.
It mainly used on portable x ray or mobile x ray machine.
It also can be used on normal radiography x-ray machine.


Technical Features

Max Irradation Field : 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)

Light Field Average Luminance : >160lux

Lumination Ratio : >4:1

Lamp : 24V/150W

Lamp Single Lighting Time : 30s

X-Ray Tube Focus-Mounting Serface Distance mm : 60
(it can be adjusted according to requirement)

Shielding Leaves : 2 Layer

Fixed Filtration(75kV) : 1mmAL

Leave Driving Method : Manual

Input Power : AC24V

SID Measurement Band Tape : Standard

Leave Aperture Display : Knob Pointer Scale


Product Diagram

Picture of NK202SF X-Ray Collimator


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1. What is NK202SF X-Ray Collimator application?
NK202SF X-Ray Collimator is mainly used on mobile x ray and stationary x ray .

2. Is it manual?
Yes, it is the manual collimator.

3. what kind of x ray tube it can match?
It can match most of famous brand x ray tube and models.

4. what is it max irradiation?
Its max irradiation field is 440mmx440mm.

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