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Newheek’s X-ray collimator for X-ray machines

Newheek X ray collimator has advantages of simple structure, stable performance and long service life.May protect the patient does not need to examine the site receives the unnecessary X-ray radiation.
X ray collimator is an accessory part of X-ray inspection equipment. Its main purpose is to use the X ray collimator for positioning when positioning and to simulate the radiation area of X-ray, which can reduce the radiation dose of the patient and enhance the image quality. X ray collimator includes upper blade, machine head, support seat, shading seat mechanism, X-axis beam limiting mechanism, Y-axis beam limiting mechanism, reflector, light source box, left machine cover, right machine cover and transmission mechanism.
In an X-ray machine system, its X ray collimator is usually mounted under an X-ray tube, which emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject through the openings in the X ray collimator’s blades. The size of the X ray collimator’s blade opening, or the size of the blade opening, determines the projection range of x-rays emitted.
Newheek manual X ray collimator , through the manual knob, adjust the size of the window blade. Because x-rays can be harmful to the body, X ray collimator is needed to control the X-ray’s projection so that it reaches only the part of the patient that needs to be examined.
There are various types of Newheek X ray collimator for customers to choose from.

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