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Newheek x ray collimator 103

The first thing to understand is what X-rays mean? An X-ray generating device is a device capable of generating X-rays for clinical diagnosis. The X-ray generating device is mainly composed of a high voltage generator, a bulb and a x ray collimator. The x ray collimator is usually disposed under the bulb, and the X-rays emitted by the bulb are irradiated onto the object to be inspected by the beam limiter. The role of the beam limiter is to limit the range of X-rays emitted from the tube. The beam limiter generally includes a housing, a positioning lamp, a reflecting lens and an opening limiting structure, and the positioning lamp, the reflecting lens and the opening limiting structure are installed in the housing.
Collimating Beam collimation
Introduce today to Newheek x ray collimator NK103
Application: It is special designed for portable x ray unit, and is mainly used on 125kV x ray source.
Main Specification:
The suitable x ray tube max voltage: 125 kV
Max irradiation field: SID (FFD) = 900mm hours,
No less than 430 mm x 430 mm
Min irradiation field: <10mm×10mm
Inherent filter: 1 mm·Al/75kVp
Lead leaf control mode: manual
Working power: 12V AC, 100 W (The lowest safevoltage)
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