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Newheek Manual Collimator Introduction

X ray collimator is an accessory part of X-ray inspection equipment. Its main purpose is to position it when it is placed. It simulates the X-ray radiation area, which can reduce the radiation dose of patients and enhance the image quality. Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in production collimator, there are manual and fully automatic. There are three types of manual, NK102, NK103 and NK202. NK103 is mainly used for portable X-ray machine, pet X-ray machine, mainly used with 125KV X-ray tube. NK102 is mainly used for mobile X-ray machine, fixed X-ray machine, mainly used for 125KV X-ray tube, NK202 is mainly used for fixed X-ray machine, mainly used for 150KV X-ray tube.

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