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Medical x ray collimator of the useful beam for UC arm DR system

medical x ray collimator of the useful beam precision manual multi-function design, operating range manual control, no casting dead Angle.The automatic control system makes clinical examination easier and faster, the multi-angle rotation of detector and bulb tube satisfies the whole body image coverage, and the simple and quick one-button mode can improve the photography efficiency and accuracy, and optimize the working process.

The amorphous silicon flat detector, medical x ray collimator of the useful beam ensure the stability of the machine in a complex environment, as well as high quality images;Low doses reduce the likelihood of radiation damage.Low maintenance costs.A high quality image chain that outputs perfect images.Professional test image acquisition and processing software, the pursuit of excellent images.The image is smooth, delicate, clear and well organized, effectively ensuring the organic balance of image quality and radiation dose.Professional image processing system, powerful and independent image acquisition software, humanized image post-processing software and instant image processing technology.High performance and high resolution plate detector displaying excellent images;Self – made main machine, ionization chamber and human anatomy photography can easily capture real-time images.

Newheek medical x ray collimator of the useful beam improves radiography efficiency and accuracy.If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please feel free to contact us!

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