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Maximum field of view of X-ray collimator 43cm*43cm X-ray collimator

I received the purchase of X-ray collimator from * Medical Company, and wanted to choose a built-in LED X-ray collimator with additional filtering.

The specific parameter requirements of the X-ray collimator are as follows:

X-ray collimator light field control method adopts manual control

X-ray collimator Light source LED

X-ray collimator Rotation function supports up to +/-45°rotation

Maximum field of view of X-ray collimator ≥43*43cm, SID=100cm

Blade opening display, knob pointer scale error <2% SID=100cm

X-ray collimator ratio ≥4:1

Deviation between light field indication and actual line field <2%* SID

Inherent filtration 1mmAL (75KV)

Input power +12V(1A)/-12V(1A)/GND

Laser positioning light

X-ray collimator illumination delay

SID measuring device is made of soft material as much as possible

The light source switch leads directly to two cables

Additional filter Three additional filter lines are built into the collimator and can be switched by a switch.

Look at the X-ray collimator’parameters sent to you. If there is no suitable product for this requirement, you can also recommend your company’s similar products. But we hope it is a built-in additional filter. If you can’t achieve the three listed, you can also see how many you can provide. In addition, we hope that the light source is LED, and the tube is a customized combination head. The current parameters have not been finalized.

Dear users who are developing new products, if you have similar needs for X-ray collimators, you can contact us, and we can customize them.

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