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Manual collimator NK202 for U-arm X-ray machines

Manual collimator NK202 for U-arm X ray machines
X ray manual collimator is suitable for U-arm X-ray machines, and U-arm DR system uses a detector for multi-purpose shooting.All mechanical movements are driven and controlled by motors. Through X-ray collimator, accurate X-ray positioning, radiology needs to be strengthened to the greatest extent. Its superior flexibility and high cost performance turns it into a common configuration for digital photography.Single system, multiple uses, high frequency and high pressure generator, easy to operate, easy to use, fast impact acquisition.
Newheek x ray manual collimator connects x ray tubes with either halogen or LED light, which are directed at different X ray machines, and its x ray tube is 150kv. Maximum X ray image size is 17″x17″.

manual collimator for u-arm

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