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Manual collimator is a collimator that changes the light field by manually adjusting the button.

The opening and closing movement process of the wire-shielding lead leaf of the manual collimator is realized by manually adjusting the knob on the collimator.

The manual collimator uses LED lights to simulate X-rays, instead of X-rays to determine the X-ray path through the visible light path, and then through the reflection of the mirror in the collimator, the X-rays are reflected on the bed surface. Therefore, the light of the LED lamp can get the size of the irradiation field in advance.

The reflector is generally made of silver-plated plastic, and the aluminum equivalent is about 0.5mm, which will not affect the X-ray imaging. A clean and transparent plastic plate is also installed in front of the collimator, with black lines or black dots engraved on the plate to indicate the center of the ray field.

The collimator is marked with the irradiation field size of the corresponding focal length around the knob, and the indicator irradiation field can be preset, so that the size of the irradiation field can be adjusted quickly after the indicator light is on to extend the service life of the indicator.

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