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Led indicator light is used in digital medical X-ray system

The led indicator light is configured on an X-ray machine to limit the X light source. The digital medical X-ray system can be flexibly customized to meet all the requirements. The system can choose the single-board multi-functional configuration, the single-berth flat configuration and the two-plate configuration to meet all kinds of shooting requirements.The plate detector can effectively improve X-ray utilization rate, image quality and dose. Manual led indicator light, the effective light field is set with soft and low energy consumption, and the extra long life is free of maintenance. Simplify the operation steps and optimize the operation process.
The Newheek manual led indicator light is divided into NK102, NK103 and NK202.For medical use, x ray tube for 125KV and 150KV. Led indicator light is also suitable for different X-ray machines. NK102 is mainly used for mobile X-ray machines or stationary X-ray machines, and NK103 is mainly used for portable X-ray machines. The NK202 is commonly used in stationary X-ray machines.
Led indicator light can be used for different customer needs.
Led indicator light


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