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Is the light in the x ray collimator a LED light?

The lamp in the collimator light is a LED lamp, and there are three Newheek collimator light in the LED.
collimator light is a device to restrict and restrict Xray.
What are the characteristics of a manual x ray collimator that can be used for double columns
The radiation from Xray is very harmful to human body. So once the operation is wrong or not checked in the relevant parts of patients, it will undoubtedly cause waste of resources and unnecessary radiation damage to human body. Therefore, in order to simulate the location of Xray emission, reduce radiation and waste of resources, people install halogen lamp in the collimator light. With the development of science and technology, shadowless LED lamp has replaced halogen lamp to simulate the location at this stage.
What are the precautions when using the manual x ray collimator
Newheek’s three collimator light NK102/NK103 and NK202 lights are LED lights. There is a black wire on the collimator light which provides power for the LED lamp in the limiter.


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