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Introduction to the function of medical x-ray machine collimator

At present, the major international collimator manufacturers include Toshiba, Siemens, etc. The maximum voltage of the collimator x-ray tube produced by our company is 125kv, and the single lighting time of the bulb is 30 seconds. The customer asked what the lead leaf looks like, is it completely closed or is there a certain gap? The lead leaf of the collimator is optional. There is a layer, and the lead leaf control is mainly manual control.
Some collimators have indicator lights with two levels of brightness during their lifetime to meet the requirements of the illumination field when the indoor brightness is relatively high. The reflector is generally made of silver-plated plastic, and the aluminum equivalent is about 0.5mm, which will not affect the X-ray imaging. There is also a clean and transparent plastic plate in front of the collimator, which is engraved with black lines or black dots to indicate the center of the ray field. Some collimators are marked with the corresponding focal length of the field size around the knob or within the range of movement of the rod. It is mainly used to preset the field before the field indicator light is on, so that it can be faster after the indicator light is on. Adjust the size of the irradiation field to extend the service life of the indicator light.

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