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How to use the x ray collimator normally

Recently, a customer inquired about the collimator of our company. If you want to know how the collimator works normally, I will introduce it to you today.
The most important thing to protect the colliomator is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the lead leaf and lens of the colliomator.
The function of the collimator is to control the size of the X-ray field and the direction of X-ray emission. In this process, the lead leaf and lens in the collimator play a very important role, so the protection of the collimator must protect these two parts.
The lead leaf is a shielding layer for X-rays. Lead has a blocking effect on X-rays. The closed size of the lead leaf determines the size of the X-ray field. If there is a problem with the lead leaf of the collimator, the lead leaf cannot be closed tightly. Will leak out and radiate things around.
The reflector in the collimator is mainly used to reflect X-rays. When using the collimator, keep the lens clean and do not touch it with your hands. If there is dirt on the lens, it will affect the X-ray emission. It directly affects the quality and dose of X-rays.

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