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How to protect the collimator?

The function of the x ray collimator is to control the field size of X rays and the direction of X ray emission. In this process, the lead leaf and lens in the x ray collimator play an important role, so the protection of the beam collimation to protect the two parts.
Lead leaves are X-ray shielding layers. Lead blocks X-rays. The closure size of lead leaves determines the size of the X-ray field emitted. If there is a problem with the lead leaves of the beam collimation, the lead leaves can not be closed. The X-rays will leak out and produce radiation to the surrounding things.
The reflector in the beam collimation is mainly used to reflect X-ray. In the process of using the beam collimation, we should pay attention to keeping the lens clean, do not touch it by hand. If there is dirt on the lens, it will affect the emission of X-ray and directly affect the quality and dose of X-ray.



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