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How colimator works

Colimator structure, including upper blade, head, support seat, shading seat mechanism, X-axis beam limit mechanism, Y-axis beam limit mechanism, reflector, light source box, left cover, right cover and transmission mechanism.
X ray collimator is designed with a double rocker bar to control the X-ray range. The first and second gears of the collimator are aligned with the driving gears to rotate the collimator.
How colimator works
Colimator is usually mounted under a bulb that emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject through an opening in the blade inside the medical beam limiter.
The size of the opening of colimator’s blade, that is, the size of the opening of the blade, determines the projection range of the outgoing x-rays, while the excess rays emitted by the bulb beyond the scope of the opening of the blade will be absorbed and blocked by the blade instead of being emitted.
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