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How can customer get an offer for Newheek X-ray Collimator?

Newheek X-ray Collimator are either manual or electric. We mainly have three types of X-ray Collimator: NK102, NK103 and NK202.

Recently, our X-ray Collimator is very popular in the market, many customers will come to us to consult the quotation.

But how can you get our quotation for the X-ray Collimator?

  1. We need your company information.
  2. Need your cell phone number;
  3. We need you to provide the type of X-ray Collimator you need.
  4. Quantity required.

This information will facilitate us to make quotations for you. We will give you feedback soon after we get this information and give you the most suitable price.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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