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Electronic collimation is used for bedside X-ray machines

Electronic collimation can be installed in an X-ray machine next to the bed. Bedside X-ray machine plays an irreplaceable role for patients with serious disease, difficult to move, and need to make a timely and accurate diagnosis. Adjust the X-ray source assembly to be fixed in the appropriate position, and place the X-ray film cartridge under the location of the patient to be photographed. x ray collimator selects suitable values of “kV”, “mA” and “S” according to clinical requirements. Next, adjust the electronic collimation: press the time limit switch button to turn on the positioning light; Adjust the size of the knob to obtain the desired exposure field according to film size.
electronic collimation
Besides the bed, the X-ray machine is configured with a hand-adjusted symmetrical electronic collimation with light source, which can adjust the size of the ray beam freely according to the need. At the same time, high illumination is adopted to simulate the light positioning, which is more accurate in ruler ranging, and more convenient in taking photos.The X-ray generator is equipped with protective lead plate, and the radiation damage to the surrounding environment and the operator is smaller. Besides, it is safer for the operator to use the remote exposure of the 10-meter remote hand brake.
Newheek electronic collimation is divided into manual type and electric type. The manual electronic collimation is divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202. You can choose according to your needs.
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