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Effects of not using a beamer

The function of the beam filter is to filter the scattered rays and improve the clarity of the image. Some people think that it is enough to be able to see clearly without a beamer, but in the diagnosis of film, it is easy to cause the image to be unclear, and the diagnosis will not be accurate. Without the existence of the beamer, the image may be blurred. The blurring means that the boundary of the object is not clear, and each object point has different degrees of expansion to the surrounding, that is, because of this reason, the clear image of the image is reduced. . Without the function of the beamer, it may also cause artifacts and distortions. Artifacts refer to false information that the subject does not exist, causing interference with normal structures and misdiagnosis. Distortion refers to the shape, size and location of the object. Changes have taken place to varying degrees, affecting the quality of the image and causing errors. Various reasons indicate that it is impossible not to use a beamer, which can fully absorb scattered rays and provide clear images for medical diagnosis.

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